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Finder Masters 2016 - Press Release

We have been asked to publish a press release on the subject of ticket sales for the 2016 Finder Darts Masters.

Press Release

BDO Press Release - Players Championship

Press Release Starts ---

It is with deep regret that the BDO has to announce the cancellation of the Old Billingsgate event due to take place on 26 - 28th February 2016.

It has been confirmed that anyone who has purchased tickets to the event will be reimbursed by PayPal and Ticket Master by clicking a button on their sites.

TV discussions have been on going but have not reached a conclusion in time for this event to take place.

I can also confirm that any player that has paid for flights will be reimbursed in full on production of their receipts. This situation is beyond our control and is not a postion that we wanted to find ourselves in but unfortunately there was no other solution available at this late stage.

Sue Williams

--- Press Release Ends

Press Release - HAL Open Darts

We have been asked to publish a Press Release regarding the HAL Masters and HAL Open.

Press Release Starts ---

Winners Dutch Open Darts come to HAL Open Darts in Venray

hal open winners 2015
(pictured above - winners of 2015 HAL Open, from left Maikel Verberk, Martin Adams and Aileen de Graaf)

Will Martin Adams and Maikel Verberk succeed to extend their title at the HAL Open Darts played in  Evenementenhal Venray? Last weekend  both darters already succeeded to extend their  Dutch Open Darts titles in Assen.

Martin Adams for the fourth time won this tournament, he already won this title in 2010, 2011 and 2015. Maikel Verberk extended his Dutch Open Darts junior title. On Sunday, the 20th of March you can see both players in action in Venray, and both players will defend their title that day.

Registration for Hal Open is online already for a while and prior to HAL Open Darts  on Saturday March 19th the HAL Masters will be played at the Evenementenhal Venray. Also for this event the entries are online.

Both tournaments will count towards the BDO ranking and Finder Darts Masters ranking and thereby the HAL Open Darts champions (men, women and boys)  are invited to play  Finder Darts Masters 2016.

Everyone who is allowed to play the  Winmau World Masters, Lakeside and Finder Darts Masters may participate in these events  in Venray.  You can only enter the events by pre-registration on the  tournament website: The subscription will run until March 12th.

During the weekend of March 19 and 20 spectators can watch the event for free and also there will be free parking.

--- Press Release Ends

Press Release - Napolean Games Waregem Events

Press release starts ---

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

During the weekend of 26th & 27th March 2016 a new two folded international darts tournament will be organized by the Waregemse Darts Organisation at the Youth Centre Waregem, Zuiderlaan 46.

On Saturday the Napoleon Games Top of Waregem will be held and on Sunday the Napoleon Games Masters of Waregem, both single tournaments. Saturday there is a prize fund of 6.000 euro and on Sunday one of 10.000 euro. Both tournaments count toward the international rankings of both WDF as BDO and are played under auspices of the Belgian Darts Federation.

Both days doors open at 9am for a 10am start. Entry fee is 19 euro for ladies and men and 11 euro for youth series. Entry is possible through the online entry form up until 15th March 2016.

All information is available at

Best regards
Waregemse Darts Organisatie

--- Press Release Ends

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