BDO Champions Cup 2018 Results

Mens BDO Champions Cup

The Castle Bar of Yorkshire are the 2018 Mens BDO Champions Cup winners beating CWM Rhondda of Glamorgan in the Final 5-4. The Castle Bar team was John Walton, Terry Temple, Mark McGeeney, Dave Copley, Brian Dawson, Micky Dawson, Keith Flint, Tony Hull, Tom Gregory and Trevor Burkhill.

Mens Results

Ladies BDO Champions Cup

The Flyers of Cambridgeshire took the Ladies 2018 BDO Champions Cup with a win over Wednesfield Ladies of the West Midlands 3-2. The Flyers Team was Sandra Greatbatch, Barbara Greatbatch, Amanda Abbott, Jane Judges, Diane Nash, Liz Humphries, Jess Cassidy and Sue Edwards.

Ladies Results