February 21, 2019

The BDO would like to wish all the participants of the inaugural WDDA World Cup the very best of luck, with a special mention to all the British representatives.

67 players from 13 countries will feature in the tournament, which is being held at the Vayamundo, Oostende, Belgium from 22nd – 24th February, with the main team event taking place on Saturday 23rd and a singles competition to be played on Sunday 24th.

British competitors include:

Jonathan Hirst (England)

Pete Bramley (England)

Paul Gelder (England)

Matt Doe (England)

Paul Hampton (England)

Kevin Stringer (England)

Snowy Dyson (England)

David Gill (England)

Alan Lamb (England)

Darren Kennish (Isle of Man)

Michael Davies (Wales)

Shane Havard (Wales)

Ricky Chilton (Wales)

Michelle Gabica (Wales)


For more information, please visit www.wddaworldcupdarts.com