April 06, 2019

THE BDO BRITISH INTERNATIONALS, celebrating it’s 40th year, see Scotland play host at Glenrothes RASC. The select teams from England, Scotland and Wales have journeyed to see who will be 2019 Champions. England currently hold the titles in the Men’s, Women’s and Girls sections, with Scotland holding the 2018 Boy’s title.


Wales vs Scotland - Boys

Kicking off the proceedings were the Welsh and Scottish boy’s teams, who are featuring in the event for the ninth consecutive year.

First up was Welsh Boys Captain Taylor Smolden, who faced debutant Connor Mitchell. Consistent play from Mitchell saw him win in straight legs for the home nation. The 2019 BDO World Youth runner-up, Nathan Girvan, took to the stage for the second match, also winning in straight legs with a 29.47 average over Welsh debutant Ethan Haymes. A nervy game between Sion Russell and John Gallazzi in the third match saw the Scotsman put his team 3-0 ahead with a 3-2 win, before thirteen year-old Connor Russell taking the final match for Wales over Kyle Walker.

Wales 1-3 Scotland      

Taylor Smoldon (19.82) 0-3 (23.48) Connor Mitchell
Ethan Haymes (19.10) 0-3 (29.47) Nathan Girvan
Sion Russell (18.40) 2-3 (18.55) John Gallazzi
Connor Hopkins (21.78) 3-0 (20.11) Kyle Walker  

Full match stats available here


Scotland vs Wales - Girls 

The event moved into the first girls game of the weekend as host nations Scotland took on Wales. Following in the footsteps of the boy’s team, the Scottish pairing of Sophie McKinley and Chloe O’Brien both won their games 3-0 over Tamzin Parr and Jasmin Dean to see Scotland take the match 2-0 and put themselves into contention for the title.

Scotland 2-0 Wales     

Sophie McKinlay (20.59) 3-0 (13.46) Tamzin Parr
Chloe O'Brien (20.04) 3-0 (14.00) Jasmine Dean

Full match stats available here


England vs Wales - Boys 

Wales’s boys team stepped up for their second and final game of the tournament against England. Brad Phillips put the England side 1-0 ahead with a confident 3-1 win over Ethan Haymes, before, in a battle between the two team captains, Keelan Kay stretched England’s lead to 2-0 overall, following his 3-0 victory over Taylor Smolden. Debutant Mitchell McCarthy faced tough opposition in Wales’ Connor Hopkins, who stormed to a 3-0 win with a 27.83 average to keep Wales’ hopes for a draw alive. The final match saw Leighton Bennett, making his England debut face Sion Russell. Bennett, the reigning BDO World Youth Champion, took the game 3-0, smashing all previous records with an outstanding 35.79 average, securing the win for England in the process.

England 3-1 Wales

Brad Phillips (22.80) 3-1 (15.74) Ethan Haymes
Keelan Kay (23.12) 3-0 (22.55) Taylor Smoldon
Mitchell McCarthy (20.83) 0-3 (27.83) Connor Hopkins
Leighton Bennett (35.79) 3-0 (18.82) Sion Russell

Full match stats available here


Wales vs Scotland - Ladies

Wales’s ladies side took a confident 5-1 win over Scotland. Welsh captain Rhian O’Sullivan, featuring in her 15thconsecutive British International appearance, started the team off with a 3-1 win over Susanna McGimpsey, with a performance with secured her player of the match. Katie Bellerby then narrowly edged out Scottish stalwart Louise Hepburn in a tense fifth leg decider to put Wales 2-0 up overall, before Ann-Marie Potts put the Welsh Ladies 3-0 up as she beat Fife’s Chelsea McMahon 3-1.

Strong finishing from Nikki Goldsmith saw her come back from 2-0 down against Scotland’s Lorraine Hyde to take the game and secure the overall win for Wales as they moved 4-0 ahead of the host country. Natalie Evans took the fifth match for Wales with another tight 3-2 win for Wales over Emily Davidson, before Lynsey McDonald denied Wales’ Chris Savvery the whitewash, winning the final match of the session and securing Scotland’s first point with a 3-1 win.

Wales 5-1 Scotland         

Rhian O'Sullivan (22.57) 3-1 (20.17) Susanna McGimpsey

Katie Bellerby (20.52) 3-2 (21.18) Louise Hepburn

Ann-Marie Potts (22.25) 3-1 (20.44) Chelsea McMahon

Nikki Goldsmith (21.92) 3-2 (22.03) Lorraine Hyde                       

Natalie Evans (19.07) 3-2 (17.39) Emily Davidson

Chris Savvery (20.19) 1-3 (19.39) Lynsey McDonald

Full match stats available here