April 07, 2019

DAY TWO saw the conclusion of both the Girl’s and Boy’s events as England Girls faced both Wales and Scotland and Scotland Boy’s still had England left to play. The day concluded with the first Men’s match of the weekend, with Scotland facing Wales, and England Ladies make their first appearance with a match against Wales.

Girls – Scotland v England

The girls from England and Scotland opened up the action on day two, with Beau Greaves and Sophie McKinley taking to the oche first. 15-year-old Greaves has been making strong headway in the BDO tour and England Youth Events and her 3-0 win over East Stirlingshire’s McKinley saw her smash all previous girl’s averages recorded at the British Internationals with a 28.36 (85.08) average.

The second game saw Scotland’s Chloe O’Brien even the scores at 1-1 as she took a 3-0 win over Shannon Reeves, keeping Scotland in with a chance of the championship depending on the result between England and Wales.

Scotland 1-1 England

Sophie McKinlay (21.57) 0-3 (28.36) Beau Greaves
Chloe O'Brien (18.33) 3-0 (14.54) Shannon Reaves

Full match stats available here

Ladies – England v Wales

The Welsh ladies put themselves into a strong position following their 5-1 win over Scotland, however faced a very strong England ladies side. First up saw Maria O’Brien take a comfortable 3-0 win over Katie Bellerby to give England the early lead, before Fallon Sherrock edged out Ann-Marie Potts 3-2, taking the deciding leg in eleven darts to put England 2-0 up overall.

Trina Gulliver MBE celebrated her 70thcap with a win over Welsh Stalwart Chris Savvery. Savvery stormed into a 2-0 lead before Gulliver MBE dug her heels in to take the next three consecutive legs. Former England Youth player Casey Gallagher made her England debut against the experienced Welsh Captain, Rhian O’Sullivan. Despite a shaky start for both players, Gallagher took the opening leg and soon settled to win the match 3-0 and secure the win for England.

England Captain Deta Hedman and Natalie Evans featured in the fifth ladies match. Hedman, winning her 54thEngland cap, stormed out of the blacks with a 15 darts leg. Evans took the third leg, but Hedman secured the win 3-1. Last to the stage were BDO tour regulars, 2019 Lakeside runner-up Lorraine Winstanley, and Norfolk’s Nikki Goldsmith. Winstanley wrapped up a 6-0 whitewash of the Welsh side beating Goldsmith 3-0.

England 6-0 Wales     
Maria O'Brien (23.48) 3-0 (17.82) Katie Bellerby
Fallon Sherrock (25.93) 3-2 (22.84) Ann-Marie Potts
Trina Gulliver MBE (23.06) 3-2 (21.33) Chris Savvery

Casey Gallagher (22.77) 3-0 (21.70) Rhian O'Sullivan
Deta Hedman (24.20) 3-1 (20.86) Natalie Evans
Lorraine Winstanley (23.86) 3-0 (21.45) Nikki Goldsmith

Full match stats available here            

Boys – Scotland v England

The final fixture in the Boy’s event saw England take on Scotland for the title and first up, Scotland’s Connor Mitchell versus England’s Keelan Kay. Captain Kay ran out 3-0 winner over the Angus based player to put England 1-0 up. The in-form Leighton Bennett stepped up next to play Kyle Walker. ‘Boom Boom’ Bennett continued the form he showed yesterday to put England 2-0 in front with a 29.47 (88.41) average and a 3-0 win.

Mitchell McCarthy, who debuted yesterday for England, secured the win and the championship for England as he took the third set 3-1 over John Gallazzi, before Scotland captain Nathan Girvan battled for the final point against Brad Phillips, taking the last leg in 13 darts to win 3-2 and putting a point on the board for Scotland.

Scotland 1-3 England      
Connor Mitchell (20.23) 0-3 (24.64) Keelan Kay
Kyle Walker (22.37) 0-3 (29.47) Leighton Bennett
John Gallazzi (17.16) 1-3 (18.51) Mitchell McCarthy
Nathan Girvan (24.10) 3-2 (25.15) Brad Phillips

Full match stats available here

Girls – England 2 v 0 Wales

England would face Wales in the final match of the Girls Championships. Beau Greaves and Jasmin Dean took to the oche in the first match, where Greaves continued her impressive form of earlier, breaking the youth average barrier once again with a 30.67 (92.01), winning the opening set 3-0 over Dean. Notably, Greaves average is the first time the 30 average barrier has been broken at International level in a girl’s match.

The second set also went England’s way as Shannon Reaves beat Tamzin Parr in the final match 3-1. Despite the win, the Championships were won overall by Scotland’s Chloe O’Brien and Sophie McKinley. Both Scotland and England were tied on points overall, however the Scottish duo secured a better leg difference.

England 2-0 Wales     

Beau Greaves (30.67) 3-0 (14.06) Jasmine Dean
Shannon Reaves (14.42) 3-1 (14.15) Tamzin Parr

Full match stats available here

Men’s - Scotland v Wales

Fife’s Alex Jeffrey was first up for the home side as he faced Welsh vice captain Nick Kenny. Jeffrey took and early break of throw and moved into a 2-0 lead before Kenny pulled one back. With the following legs all going with throw, Jeffrey saw out the match to win 4-2. Scott Robertson was next up against Wales’s Arwyn Morris. In a tense match which went the distance, Morris managed the first break of throw in the final leg to take the second game for Wales. Wales’s Clive Langford, making his debut appearance, faced Alan Small. Despite registering a higher average, strong finishing from Small saw him win Scotland’s second point with a 4-1 win over Langford.

With the score at 2-1 in Scotland’s favour, Welsh stalwart Steve Alker made sure of the point with a 4-0 win over Ross MacDougall, leveling the overall score at 2-2. Ross Montgomery soon put the home side back in front as ‘The Boss’ won 4-1 over Wales’ Davis Rogers. Ian Jolly struggled to get going in his match against Mark Layton, who once again levelled the match for Wales with a 4-2 win, on what was his 40thappearance for Wales.

Ayrshire’s Jim McEwan stepped up on his debut match for Scotland to play Wales’s Darren Bingham. With each leg going with throw, a 104 checkout from Bingham at 3-2 saw him break the McEwan throw and take the seventh match 4-2 to give Wales the lead for the first time in the match. Another debutant for Wales, Pembrokeshire’s Mikey Rees stepped up in the eighth set to play Scotland’s Euan Callander. In the second match to go the distance, it was Callander who held his nerve to put Scotland back on an even keel. Bruce Montgomery the put Scotland ahead again with a 4-2 win over Scott Dockerty in the ninth game.  

Mark Blandford once again reset the balance for Wales as he beat Borders’ player Ryan Hogarth 4-3, narrowly edging him out in the deciding leg with a timely 113 checkout. A 4-0 win for BDO tour regular Jim Williams over Scott Campbell put the visitors within one of victory, before Scotland captain Alan Soutar stepped up to take the final game for his team with a 4-2 win over Tim Jones.

Scotland 6 - 6 Wales      

Alex Jeffery (25.02) 4-2 (26.08) Nick Kenny
Scott Robertson (30.83) 3-4 (31.39) Arwyn Morris
Alan Small (27.81) 4-1 (29.23) Clive Langford
Ross MacDougall (22.45) 0-4 (29.47) Steve Alker
Ross Montgomery (30.43) 4-1 (26.15) David Rogers
Ian Jolly (21.00) 2-4 (24.74) Mark Layton
Jim McEwan (29.12) 2-4 (30.75) Darren Bingham
Euan Callander (22.46) 4-3 (24.60) Mikey Rees

Bruce Montgomery (27.97) 4-2 (29.84) Scott Dockerty

Ryan Hogarth (25.29) 3-4 (26.17) Mark Blandford

Scott Campbell (23.29) 0-4 (25.37) Jim Williams  
Alan Soutar (28.25) 4-2 (27.06) Tim Jones

Full match stats available here