April 08, 2019

THE ENGLISH AND WELSH Men’s teams opened up the darting action on the third and final day of the BDO British Internationals, where the final two championships would be decided. England Ladies had set themselves up following a 6-0 win over Wales, as they faced Scotland in their second match. Both Wales and Scotland were on equal points, and they faced 2018 champions England in their final matches.

Men – England v Wales

The opening match saw England’s Dennis Harbour face Wales’ Clive Langford. The first two legs went with throw before missed doubles by Langford in the third leg gave Harbour the opportunity to break. With the remaining legs going with throw, Harbour secured the first point for England, winning 4-2. The second men’s match went the way of Wales as Darren Bingham took a narrow 4-3 win over Essex’s Daniel Day seeing out the match in 14 darts to level the scores at 1-1. Wales moved ahead of the first time in the match as Dales Hughes edged out Mick Haynes in another close game which went the distance.

The fourth set saw England debutant Wez Newton level the scores again as he beat Arwyn Morris 4-3, each leg going with throw. With the scores at 2-2, Wales forge ahead into a three-point lead as John Williams-Jones, Nick Kenny and David Rogers secure wins. Williams-Jones had a close encounter with Kev Dowling; Dowling levelled the set at 3-3 in eleven darts before Williams-Jones held his throw in the seventh leg to take the fifth. Paul Hogan fell victim to Kenny, who fired home a 4-0 win over the Berkshire player registering a 35.16 (105.48) average in the process.

It was a case of ‘double-trouble’ for Nigel Heydon in the first two legs as he lost the seventh set to Rogers, who upped the tempo in the final three legs to win 4-1. England Captain Scott Mitchell stopped Wales’ run in a tough match against Jim Williams. Williams moved into a two leg lead before Mitchell won three legs on the spin to move one leg away from victory. Williams took the sixth leg in 15 darts with a 104 checkout before Mitchell returned the compliment, taking the final leg in 15 darts. Devon’s Paul Milford, making his England debut, put the England side back within one as he won the ninth set with a 4-1 win over Steve Alker.

The tenth set saw England stalwart Martin Adams play Mark Blandford. Another game which went the distance, Blandford stormed into a 3-1 lead, before Wolfie won the last three legs to take the game, finishing on 116 in fifteen darts to level the match overall. Mark Layton took the eleventh set to ensure Wales managed at least a draw, beating Yorkshire’s martin C Atkins 4-3, seeing the match out in 14 darts. A tense final match between Martin Atkins and Tim Jones, saw the Lancashire thrower emerge 4-3 winner over Jones to level the scores at 6-6 overall with one match to play against host nation Scotland.

England 6-6 Wales       

Dennis Harbour (26.41) 4-2 (24.86) Clive Langford
Daniel Day (28.85) 3-4 (29.39) Darren Bingham
Mick Haynes (27.38) 3-4 (27.23) Dale Hughes
Wez Newton (25.40) 4-3 (24.35) Arwyn Morris
Kev Dowling (28.48) 3-4 (26.27) John Williams-Jones  
Paul Hogan (25.93) 0-4 (35.16) Nick Kenny
Nigel Heydon (26.33) 1-4 (25.73) David Rogers
Scott Mitchell (30.80) 4-3 (30.97) Jim Williams
Paul Milford (29.38) 4-1 (23.76) Steve Alker  
Martin Adams (31.55) 4-3 (31.40) Mark Blandford
Martin c Atkins (25.71) 3-4 (25.16) Mark Layton
Martin Atkins (26.88) 4-3 (25.23) Tim Jones

Full match stats available here

Scotland v England

Trina Gulliver MBE got England off to a flying start as she beat Scotland’s Louise Hepburn 3-1 with a 28.70 (86.01) average, including a 14 dart leg in the third. Scotland’s Emily Davidson moved quickly into a 2 leg lead in the second set against Lorraine Winstanley before the Yorkshire County A player won the next two to level the score at 2-2. A nervy last leg saw a few missed doubles by both, but Davidson held on to take the match 3-2. Devon’s Maria O’Brien won England’s second point with a comfortable 3-0 win over Susanna McGimpsey, who struggled to get going against the strong scoring of O’Brien. 

Despite the 3-0 score line, the fourth set was a closely matched game as Fallon Sherrock beat Lorraine Hyde to ensure at least a draw for England’s Ladies. England captain Deta Hedman also won her match 3-0 against Fife’s Chelsea McMahon moving England into a 4-1 set lead overall before Casey Gallagher saw the out the final match against Lynsey McDonald 3-0, giving England a 5-1 win overall and securing the Championship.

Scotland 1-5 England 

Louise Hepburn (21.67) 1-3 (28.70) Trina Gulliver MBE
Emily Davidson (22.32) 3-2 (22.55) Lorraine Winstanley
Susanna McGimpsey (17.08) 0-3 (26.84) Maria O'Brien
Lorraine Hyde (19.17) 0-3 (20.88) Fallon Sherrock  
Chelsea McMahon (23.98) 0-3 (23.48) Deta Hedman
Lynsey McDonald (18.88) 0-3 (22.43) Casey Gallagher

Full match stats available here

The final match of the day saw titleholders England take on hosts Scotland. All three teams remained in contention, with Wales on 12 points and England and Scotland tied on six points each. An outright win from either team would see them take the title, however a draw would come down to leg difference, and Wales were ahead going into the final match.

Euan Callander got the home side off to a flying start, winning in straight legs over Martin C Atkins, before Devon’s Paul Milford levelled the scores with a win by the same score line over Scott Robertson. After being 3-0 down, Paul Hogan looked poised to force a deciding leg against Scotland’s Ian Jolly, but missed doubles in the sixth leg proved costly as Jolly sealed the set for Scotland, winning 4-2.

Martin Atkins continued his earlier form with a steady 4-0 win over Bruce Montgomery to put the scores back at 2-2. A nip and tuck battle between Kev Dowling and Alex Jeffrey saw Dowling break early to move into a 2-1 leg lead, before Jeffrey fired in a 12 dart leg which included a 161 checkout to break straight back. The final three legs all went with throw and the Scotsman put his team back in front, leading 3-2 overall. Daniel Day levelled the score for the third time as he came back from 2-1 down to take the sixth set 4-2 over Ross MacDougall. 

England Captain Scott Mitchell registered the average of the tournament during his 4-0 win over Ryan Hogarth, finishing in 16, 13, 11 and 14 darts for a 37.11 (111.33) average to give England the lead for the first time. Scotland Captain Alan Soutar then rebalanced the scores at 4-4 as he took a 4-2 win over Dennis Harbour with a 32.24 (96.72) average, including a 148 checkout in the fourth leg. In a match where the score line didn’t quite reflect the close nature of the match, Martin Adams won the next set 4-0 over Jim McEwan, putting England one game from a draw and two games from overall victory.

Scotland’s Scott Campbell couldn’t quite find the scoring power he needed to contend with Nigel Heydon, who won 4-0 to put England 6-4 ahead with two matches to go. Ross Montgomery kept Scotland’s hopes alive as he beat Mick Haynes in straight legs to narrow the leg difference deficit should the match end in a draw. Alan Small and Wez Newton stepped up for the last match; a nervy first leg went Newton’s way, before the England newcomer took the next two in 19 and 13 darts. Small took the fourth leg, but Newton held his thrown in the fifth to take the match and see England run out 7-5 winners and take the 2019 Men’s BDO British Internationals. 

England 7 - 5 Scotland  

Martin C Atkins (26.03) 0-4 (29.91) Euan Callander
Paul Milford (29.47) 4-0 (27.91) Scott Robertson
Paul Hogan (29.17) 2-4 (29.07) Ian Jolly
Martin Atkins (27.08) 4-0 (23.99) Bruce Montgomery  
Kev Dowling (24.30) 3-4 (25.92) Alex Jeffery
Daniel Day (24.31) 4-2 (24.47) Ross MacDougall
Scott Mitchell (37.11) 4-0 (31.06) Ryan Hogarth
Dennis Harbour (29.38) 2-4 (32.24) Alan Soutar  
Martin Adams (27.83) 4-0 (25.57) Jim McEwan
Nigel Heydon (29.91) 4-0 (22.17) Scott Campbell
Mick Haynes (29.11) 0-4 (30.36) Ross Montgomery
Wez Newton (25.93) 4-1 (23.35) Alan Small

Full match stats available here