April 23, 2019

Scotland’s Dennis Watt once again claimed victory at the Iceland Open with a 7-1 win over Alex Máni Pétursson. Watt faced 14-year-old Pétursson following a 6-1 semi-final win over Iceland’s Hallgrímur Egilsson.

Pétursson’s semi-final victory came at the expense of Joseph Doroon, another Icelandic competitor, winning through a close match 6-4.

The ladies Icelandic Open saw a home victory for 2018 semi-finalist Petrea Kr Friðriksdóttir, who narrowly beat Ingibjorg Magnúsdóttir 7-6.

The ladies semi-final was an all Icelandic affair, as Magnúsdottir beat Arna Rut Gunnlaugsdóttir 6-3 and Kr Friðriksdóttir had another close encounter, this round with Diljá Tara Helgadóttir, winning through 6-5.

Full results available here


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