September 19, 2018

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE’S Liam Fox and Gwent’s Rhian Griffiths recorded the highest averages over the entire BICC system this weekend.

Fox hammered home a 36.44 (109.32) average in his Premier Division A match against the West Midlands to take the first Top-Average Award of the season, whilst Griffiths had an impressive 28.90 (86.70) average in her A match against Dorset.

Top averages in the B matches came from West Midland’s Robbie Smith, with a 32.09 (96.27) and was shared in the Ladies between Yorkshire’s Giffy Khaosol and Herefordshire’s Sue Jordan, who both maintained a 23.12 (69.36) average. 

In the Men’s matches, other top averages across the BICC came from Humberside’s Shaun Rutter - 33.82 (101.46), Lancashire’s Martin Atkins 32.85 (98.55), Warwickshire’s Ted Evetts 32.34 (97.02), Lincolnshire’s Micky Taylor 32.32 (96.96) and Gavin Lewis 31.98 (95.94), whilst representing Humberside B. 

Surrey’s Laura Turner and Glamorgan’s Rhian O’Sullivan both registered 28.36 (85.08) averages, whilst Buckinghamshire’s Fallon Sherrock hit a 27.83 (83.49). Other top averages in the ladies matches included Lincolnshire’s Trina Gulliver MBE 27.33 (81.99), Cheshire’s Anastasia Dobromyslova 27.24 (81.72) and Oxfordshire’s Deta Hedman 26.84 (80.52).


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