ramsbottom & district summer league

ramsbottom & district summer league
11 anemone drive,
bb4 6nj

T: 01706 217069
E: splasher11@hotmail.co.uk

the league is completely different from other leagues. its designed so every player however skillful can win, the format is 5 single matches consisting of 1 game of 301 double off double finish. 1 game of 101 equal darts. and 1 game of shanghai out on every number. 1 point is awarded for each game won. after the 5 singles matches it a 5 man twice around the board match this is worth 2 points.  in total there are 17 points to play for. there are 16 teams in the league, split into 2 groups of 8. the red group and blue group.

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