"Straight To The Bull" Player Profile

Player Name
Jamie Lewis

Don't have one.

Graphics and Design.



Wales National Team. Pembrokeshire County. Cardigan A Super League, Hope and Anchor Pub Team.

Captained Wales Youth for 3 Years. Representative in British Internationals 2010 and 2011. Runners Up in the 6 Nations Cup 2011. Selected for WDF World Cup 2011.

What Darts Do You Use - Are You Left Or Right Handed
Jamie Lewis Rasta Darts. 22g. Right handed.

How Long Have You Been Playing
Since I was 8 years old.

Tournaments Won
Welsh Classic Seniors, WDF World Cup Youth, Winmau World Masters Youth, Isle of Man Youth, England Open Youth, Isle of Man Mixed Pairs twice, Turkish Open Pairs, Gwent Open (Seniors), West Wales Dyfed Open Seniors.

Who Is Your Favourite Player
Andy Fordham.

What Is Your Favourite Dart Related Memory
Winning the World Cup Youth in 2009.

What Is Your Favourite Darts Story
Losing my temper playing darts when I was 12 Years old. I'd hit single one's with my first two darts then I just threw the last without looking and nearly hit the scorer in the head!!!

Walk On Song
Haven't decided on one yet.

What Teams Do You Support
Liverpool F.C.

Favourite Tipple
Jack Daniels.

Favourite Food
Roast Dinner.

What Car do You Drive & What Is Your Dream Car
Peugeot 306. Dream car would be an Audi R8.

Favourite Movie
Tommy Boy.

Favourite Singer
Bob Marley.

What Newspaper Do You Read
The Sun.

Darts, Football, Tennis, Snooker and Poker.

Four People You Would Invite to Dinner
Steven Gerrard, Karl Pilkington, Rick Gervais and Will Ferrell.