BDO World Trophy Day Five Finals Match Reports and Results

Men’s WDT 2018 Semi Finals

Ross Montgomery (6) 6 Vs 8 Michael Unterbuchner

Michael Unterbuchner becomes our first finalist, as he sees off a strong challenge from Scotland’s Ross Montgomery in the opening semi-final. The pair were neck and neck, and Montgomery held his throw to keep the advantage until the eleventh leg, when Unterbuchner broke in 14 darts to take the lead for the first time in the match. With the scores at 6-5 to Unterbuchner, a well-timed 13 dart leg put Unterbuchner within one of victory. Montgomery held in the thirteenth, however the inform man from Munich kept his composure to take the match with a 94.12 average. Unterbuchner made the 2018 Lakeside semi-final but describes his progression into the WDT finals as ‘the best of his career’.

Jim Williams (4) 6 Vs 8 Glen Durrant (1)

Another close match between Glen Durrant and Jim Williams to see who would face Michael Unterbuchner in this year’s final. Durrant broke the Williams throw early with a 14-dart leg in the fourth, but Williams dug deep, holding his throw in a close tenth leg which included a 180 and a 102 finish. An inspired 13 darter to break Durrant gave Williams the opportunity to level the score at 6-6, but Williams’s surge seemed to kick Durrant up an extra gear and he finished the match off in 11 and 15 darts to win 8-6 with and 98.61 average.

Women’s WDT 2018 Final

Lorraine Winstanley (1) 3 Vs 6 Fallon Sherrock (7)


Congratulations to the 2018 World Darts Trophy Champion, Fallon Sherrock, who takes the title with a 6-3 victory over Lorraine Winstanley. Sherrock recorded a 90+ average in her semi-final this afternoon, and carried on where she left off, breaking Winstanley in the fifth leg to take away her advantage of throw. Winstanley broke back in the sixth in 13 darts, but Sherrock returned the sentiment in the seventh with a 13 dart leg her own. With the scores at 5-3 to Sherrock, two missed darts from Winstanley at double saw her take out 85 to claim the match with an outstanding 94.23 average in a brilliant game on par with their male counterparts!

Men’s WDT 2018 Final

Glen Durrant (1) 10 Vs 7 Michael Unterbuchner


Glen Durrant polishes off his 2018 World Darts Trophy campaign with a superb victory over Michael Unterbuchner. Unterbuchner took an early 2-0 lead, but Duzza was aware of his oppositions ability to power score, and some sharp finishing, including a 122 and 82 saw him claim back his advantage of throw. The pair were neck and neck at the break, but Durrant came out and broke Unterbuchner with a 130 finish and held his throw in the eleventh to go 7-4 ahead. Durrant broke again in the fourteenth leg, and Unterbuchner broke straight back, but Duzza had his sights set of the title and steamed home with 12 dart leg and a 96.99 average, taking the match 10-7! Congratulations Glen…World-class darts throughout!