BDO Lakeside 2019 World Pro Playoff

Mens Qualifiers

Name / Nationality / How Qualified

Cairns, Eleanor (England) - NYDO Singles
Greaves, Beau (England) - Gold Cup Pairs
Greaves, Beau (England) - BICC Average
Meadwell, Hannah (England) - UK Challenge Winner U18
Alker, Steve (Wales) - BICC Average
Baillie, Scott (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Baker, Scott (England) - German Masters
Baker, Scott (England) - BDO Winmau Wolverhampton Classic
Burgess, John (England) - Lincolnshire Open
Burgess, John (England) - BICC Average
Burgess, John (England) - BICC 100%
Butler, Larry (United States) - Shoot for the Moon
Butler, Larry (United States) - Virginia Beach Classic
Butler, Larry (United States) - Viginia Beach Classic
Caldwell, Craig (New Zealand) - Auckland Open
Cameron, David (Canada) - Klondike Open
Cameron, David (Canada) - Quebec Open
Cameron, David (Canada) - Hub City Open
Cameron, David (Canada) - Port City Open
Campbell, Scott (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Clohecy, Shaw (Canada) - Bob Jones Memorial
Colley, Reece (England) - U20 Teenage champion
Connal, John (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Copley, David (England) - BICC Average
Crooks, Logan (Canada) - The Main Event
Cuming, Mal (Australia) - Easter Classic
Cuming, Mal (Australia) - Geelong Darts Club Classic
Cuming, Mal (Australia) - Victorian Easter Classic
Cuming, Mal (Australia) - Geelong Darts Club Classic
Cunningham, Derek (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Curran, Jamie (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Davidson, Callum (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Day, Daniel (England) - Romanian Classic
Day, Daniel (England) - BICC Average
Durrant, Glen (England) - World Pro
Durrant, Glen (England) - Isle of Man Open
Durrant, Glen (England) - World Trophy
Durrant, Gleen (England) - BICC Average
Durrant, Glen (England) - BICC Average
Durrant, Glen (England) - Belgium Open
Edmunds, Kiley (Canada) - Halifax Open
Edwards, Allan (England) - Gold Cup Pairs
Edwards, Allan (England) - BICC Average
Edwards, Allan (England) - BICC 100%
Fatum, David (United States) - Great Vancouver Open
Ferenc, Oliver (Serbia) - Hungarian Masters
Firm, Adrian (Romania) - Torremolinos Open
Frewer, Peter (England) - Gold Cup Pairs
Gates, Leonard (United States) - Colorado Open
Gates, Leonard (United States) - Syracuse Open
Haddock, Kai (England) - 100% NYDO
Harms, Wesley (Netherlands) - Italian Grand Masters
Harms, Wesley (Netherlands) - West Fries Open
Harrysson, Andreas (Sweden) - Finnish Masters
Haynes, Michael (England) - BICC Average
Haynes, Michael (England) - BICC 100%
Hazel, Ben (England) - Vilnius Open
Herewini, Darren (New Zealand) - South Island Masters
Herewini, Darren (New Zealand) - South Island Masters
Herewini, Darren (New Zealand) - New Zealand Masters
Heydon, Nigel (England) - BICC Average
Hogan, Paul (England) - BICC Average
Hood, Keith (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Huffman, Joe (United States) - Charlotte Open
Jalbert, Melissa (United States) - Port City Open
Janssen, Roger (Belgium) - Austrian Open Vienna
Janssen, Roger (Belgium) - Luxembourg Open
Jolly, Ian (Scotland) - BICC Average
Jolly, Ian (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Key, Dan (England) - NYDO U21
Koltsov, Boris (Russian Federation) - Finnish Open
Labanauskas, Darius (Lithuania) - Lithuanian Open
Labanuskas, Darius (Lithuania) - Latvian Open
Layton, Mark (Wales) - Malta Open
Layton, Mark (Wales) - BICC Average
Ledington, Barry (Australia) - Australian Masters
Luke, Kevin (United States) - Las Vegus Open
Machin, Peter (Australia) - Australian Grand Masters
Machin, Peter (Australia) - Pacific Masters
Mackie, Chris (Scotland) - BICC 100%
MacLean, Derek (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Mandigers, Willem (Netherlands) - Turkish Masters
Mandigers, Willem (Netherlands) - Denmark Open
McGeeney, Mark (England) - Dutch Open
McGeeney, Mark (England) - Isle of Man Classic
McGeeney, Mark (England) - BICC Average
McGrath, Mark (New Zealand) - Canterbury Classic
McGrath, Mark (New Zealand) - Canterbury Open
McKinstry, Kyle (Northern Ireland) - Northern Island Open
McKinstry, Kyle (Northern Ireland) - England Open
Mitchell, Scott (England) - Czech Open
Mitchell, Scott (England) - BICC Average
Mitchell, Scott (England) - German Open
Mitchell, Scott (England) - England National
Mitchell, Scott (England) - Gold Cup Singles
Mitchell, Scott (England) - BICC 100%
Myller, Paavo (Finland) - Estonian Masters
Newsholme, Ady (England) - BICC Average
Newsholme, Ady (England) - BICC 100%
O Shea, Tony (England) - Turkish Open
Oreshkin, Alexander (Russian Federation) - Estonian Open
Parletti, Dave (England) - Jersey Classic
Parletti, Dave (England) - Welsh Masters
Parletti, Dave (England) - Winmau BDO Wolverhampton Open
Parr, Dennis (Australia) - West Coast Classic
Phillips, Martin (Wales) - Romanian Internatonal Open
Rattray, Stewart (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Roberts, Ronnie (England) - UK Challenge Winner U21
Roberts, Ronnie (England) - 100% NYDO
Robertson, Craig (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Russell, Joe (England) - BDO 18-25 Qualifier
Rydz, Calan (England) - BDO 18-25 Qualifier
Sawyer, Tom (United States) - Witch City Open
Sharp, Ronnie (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Small, Alan (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Smeets, Kay (Netherlands) - Police Masters
Smith, Jeffrey (Canada) - Seacoast Open
Smith, Nick (Canada) - PEI Potato Open
Smith, Nick (Canada) - Canadian Open
Smith, Kevin (England) - BICC Average
Smith, Kevin (England) - BICC 100%
Smith-Neale, Adam (England) - BDO 18-25 Qualifier
Soutar, Alan (Scotland) - BICC Average
Sparidaans, Jeffrey (Netherlands) - Hungarian Classic
Stubbs, Terry (England) - BICC Average
Thompson, Justin (Australia) - Newcastle Classic
Thompson, Justin (Australia) - Murray Bridge Classic
Thompson, Justin (Australia) - Sunshine State Classic
Thompson, Garry (England) - BICC Average
Tyler, Darren (England) - BICC Average
Unterbuchnar, Michael (Germany) - Swiss Open
Vaes, Wouter (Netherlands) - Antwerp Open
van Tergouw, Justin (Netherlands) - Belgium Masters
Vandenbogaerde, Mario (Belgium) - Luxembourg Masters
Veenstra, Richard (Netherlands) - Scottish Open
Veenstra, Richard (Netherlands) - Scottish Open
Veenstra, Richard (Netherlands) - Scottish Open
Waites, Scott (England) - Jersey Open
Waites, Scott (England) - Slovak Open
Walton, John (England) - BICC Average
Warburton, Mike (Wales) - Welsh Open
Watt, Dennis (Scotland) - Iceland Open
Watt, Dennis (Scotland) - Iceland Open
Way, Kerry (Canada) - New Foundland Spring Open
Widmayer, Jim (United States) - Cleveland Extravaganza
Wilkinson, Carl (England) - Polish Open
Williams, Jim (Wales) - Belfry Open
Williams, Jim (Wales) - Bruges Open
Williams, Jim (Wales) - BDO International Open