January 06, 2019

In the battle of the Lakeside debutants, Poland’s Krzysztof Kciuk prevailed with a steady performance. Kciuk showed no signs of nerves as he crashed in the highest check out of the tournament, a spectacular 160, putting him on the scoreboard. 

The set would be rounded off with relative ease, Brian Lokken showing little resistance to the heavy Kciuk scoring. A 119 checkout in the second set would keep the ball rolling for ‘The Thumb’, as Lokken failed to gain any traction in his debut Lakeside contest. 

Much improved scoring in the third set of the match meant that the Danish thrower was afforded the opportunity to get back in the contest, a chance he would take as he sealed the third set. 

But normal service would be resumed in set four as Kciuk found the form that had carried to a 2-0 advantage early on. Averaging 88 as he set up a tie with England’s Dave Parletti in round one. 

Match Stats

BY JOSH GREEN (@JoshGreenMedia)