October 26, 2019

It is the final day of the one80 L-style World Masters 2019 at the Circus Tavern. There will be two sessions the afternoon session will see both ladies semi finals and all 4 men's quarter finals taking place while the evening session will start with both men's semi finals followed by the ladies final and presentation concluding with the men's final plus presentation. All matches are live on Eurosport.

Afternoon session

Ladies Semi Finals

best of 9 legs

Lisa Ashton 5 V 1 Kasumi Sato - (Match Report)

Anastasia Dobromyslova 5 V 1 Lorraine Winstanley - (Match Report)

Men's Quarter Finals

best of 7 sets best of 3 legs

Graham Usher 2 V 4 Mario Vandenbogaerde - (Match Report)

John O'Shea 4 V 1 Neil Duff (Match Report)

Ciaran Teehan 2 V 4 Michael Warburton - (Match Report)

Scott Waites 4 V 0 Carl Hamilton

Evening Session

Men's Semi Final

best of 9 sets best of 3 legs

Mario Vandenbogaerde 1 V 5 John O'Shea - (Match Report)

Michael Warburton 1 V 5 Scott Waites - (Match Report)

Ladies Final

best of 9 legs

Lisa Ashton 5 V 4 Anastasia Dobromyslova - (Match Report)

21:00 Ladies Presentation

Mens Final

best of 11 sets best of 3 legs

John O'Shea 6 V 4 Scott Waites - (Match Report)

22:40 Men's Presentation