September 18, 2019

The weekend once again produced outstanding performances from players across the country, but coming out on top were Leicestershire's Matt Dickinson with a 35.79 (107.37) average in the Men's and Glamorgan's Rhian O'Sullivan with a 26.68 (80.04) average in the Ladies.

The top average across the Men's B came from the Premier Division, as Essex's Shaun Fox fired in a 32.30 (96.90) average and Division One in the Ladies, from Dorset's Peri-May Yarrow, registering a 25.91 (77.73) in her win at the weekend.

Top average awards for 14/15th September 2019 across all the divisions:

Premier Division County Match Ave
David Evans Lancashire A 32.32
Rhian O'Sullivan Glamorgan A 26.68
Shaun Fox Essex B 32.30
Suzanne Smith Northamptonshire B 20.88
Division One County Match Ave
Scott Mitchell Dorset A 29.91
Samantha Kirton Dorset A 22.77
Callum Matthews Staffordshire B 30.91
Peri-May Yarrow Dorset B 25.91
Division Two County Match Ave
Nick Kenny Gwent A 31.31
Kirsty Gibbs Buckinghamshire A 25.91
Bryan Flew Gwent B 29.47
Sarah Brent Nottinghamshire B 19.78
Division Three County Match Ave
Tony Martin Clwyd A 30.36
Ann Marie Potts Cleveland A 22.23
Lee Wright County Durham B 30.67
Hilary Kirkbride Cumbria B 21.47
Division Four County Match Ave
Matt Dickinson Leicestershire A 35.79
Karen Brown Gloucestershire A 22.43
Martyn Lansdown West of England B 26.38
Karen Murry Tyne & Wear B 19.78
Scotland North County Match Ave
James Duncan Central A 32.85
Sophie McKinlay East Stirlingshire A 25.05
David Hay Angus B 28.36
Carrie-Marie Duncan Grampian B 18.56
Scotland South County Match Ave
Michael Malone Renfrewshire A 28.63
Margaret Ferguson Greater Glasgow A 21.17
Michael Brown Renfrewshire B 27.83
Linda Mitchell Borders B 18.91