July 12, 2019

THE BRITISH DARTS ORGANISATION are delighted to announce the signing of a new, Official Partnership with One80 and L-style, bringing together two of the world’s leading brands in darts with Britain’s only recognised governing body in darts. Starting in August 2019, the five-year contract will see the BDO working in tandem with our new partners, committed to broadening our reach, increasing our interest levels and further raising the profile of the BDO, One80 and L-style.

Des Jacklin, Chairman and CEO of the BDO has expressed his enthusiasm at the new partnership; ‘I am delighted that we have signed up for the next 5 years with two exciting companies. One80 have a great quality Dart Board and L-style are now leading the way with a new fresh look to our sport. This also gives the BDO a foot in the door to the Asian Market’.

As part of the newly forged partnership, One80’s Gladiator 3 boards will become the tournament dartboard of choice across all BDO-run events including the BDO British Inter County Championships (BICC), British Open, British Classic and our three televised majors, making One80 the ‘Official Dartboard supplier of the BDO’. In addition, One80 will also become the official apparel partner to the BDO, with exclusive rights to produce dual-branded darts wear. L-style’s innovative and stylish range of accessories will see them become the BDO’s official partner across flights, shafts and barrels.

Director of One80 Europe, David Lewis stated that ‘One80 are excited and honoured to be joining forces with the BDO. Through our partnership we hope to support the BDO in its continuous ventures to preserve the grass root of darts and help future growth’.

Speaking on behalf of L-style, President Tsuyoshi Yamasaki echoed One80’s sentiments; ‘We are thrilled and proud to be entering into an official partnership with the British Darts Organisation. Together, we believe that we can make darts even more exciting’.

As well as providing exposure for One80 and L-style, this venture will give both partners joint sponsorship of the newly named ‘One80-L-style World Masters’ for the next five years, commencing with the 45th World Masters in October this year.

About the BDO

Founded in 1973, THE BRITISH DARTS ORGANISATION (BDO) is the only World Darts Federation (WDF) recognised governing body for darts in Britain and through its ranking points, invitational table and tournament qualifying system is established globally as the world’s leading darts organisation. The BDO comprises sixty-five-member counties in Britain and has sixty-nine associate countries worldwide. The BDO represents darts from grass roots right through to the professional level and as such is fully committed to regulating, organising, promoting, staging, administrating and fostering darts nationally, and worldwide for men, women, boys and girls to ensure the on-going growth of the sport for all participants irrespective of gender, age or ability.

About One80

One80 was founded in 2005 and has established itself within the dart industry as a high-quality, innovative company manufacturing Bristle Dartboards and Darts. Our continuous focus on new product innovations keeps the One80 product line evolving to meet the increasing demands. We strive for perfection and efficiency!

About L-style

Started in 2002 in Tokyo, L-style is a global dart accessory brand with offices now in Japan, China, Los Angeles, France and Spain. We are the first brand to innovate a perfectly thin moulded flight that fits on any stems. Our innovation is always centred on functionality and aesthetics. Our goal is to promote darts across the globe and support other entities who share that same goal and similar vision.