August 06, 2018

Sunday’s BDO AGM saw current Lincolnshire County Chairman and Players Director, Derek Jacklin edge out Roger Schena in the bid to become the next BDO Chairman, following the decision by Sue Williams to stand down after six years in the role. 

In a shake-up to its current leadership team, Mrs Williams moves into the position of Financial Director, whilst Colin McClements and Martyn Moore join the board as Tournament Director and Merchandising Director respectively. John Smith remains on as the Rankings and Database Director.

Mr Jacklin’s frank and open analysis of the BDO’s current situation and his outline of how he can bring about positive changes to the company saw him claim the majority. His plans include the establishment of a more dedicated Youth Programme, the implementation of processes and schemes to alleviate the increasing financial burdens faced by many member counties and to revitalise the professional game, with improved channels of communication, new investment and sponsorship opportunities.

With a select team of individuals already lined up to assist Mr Jacklin in achieving his objectives, including the addition of dedicated Men’s and Ladies Executive Directors and a Vice Chairman, Mr Jacklin does not plan on wasting any time rolling out his plan.

After being in the role for less than 24 hours, Mr Jacklin and his board were faced with the cancellation of the Vizacaya Open, due to be played at the end of August. Following extensive talks between Mr Jacklin and the Spanish Darts Federation, it was agreed that a revised version of the tournament would still take place, with the BDO’s assistance, to ‘protect the players that had already booked’.

After such a positive start, there is a revived air of optimism within the organisation, and although there is a long road ahead, there is now a clear pathway to further develop the BDO product and encourage future financial sustainability.