Winmau World Masters 2018

Ladies Qualifiers

Players who have qualified in the top 128 men/ 64 Ladies in the BDO Invitational table who will be under 18 on the day of the event will need to be entered into the Boys/Girls competition.

Name / Nationality / How Qualified

Abramova, Olga (Russian Federation) - Estonian Open
Ashton, Lisa (England) - Jersey Open
Ashton, Lisa (England) - World Pro
Ashton, Lisa (England) - West Fries Open
Ashton, Lisa (England) - Isle of Man Classic
Ashton, Lisa (England) - England Open
Ashton, Lisa (England) - LDO Ladies Classic
Ashton, Lisa (England) - Gold Cup Singles
Ashton, Lisa (England) - Belgium Open
Ashton, Lisa (England) - Belgium Masters
Ashton, Lisa (England) - LDO Swedish Classic
Ashton, Lisa (England) - BDO Rankings
Ashton, Danielle (England) - BDO Rankings
Blay, Felicia (England) - BICC Average
Blay, Felicia (England) - BDO Rankings
Bowers, Carol (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Bowley, Laura (England) - UK Challenge Winner
Brad, Andreea (Romania) - Vilnius Open
Brad, Andreea (Romania) - BDO Rankings
Brooks, Rachael (England) - Gold Cup Pairs
Brooks, Rachel (England) - BICC Average
Bulmer, Roz (England) - BDO Rankings
Burn, Lorraine (Australia) - BDO Rankings
Burr, Pam (Australia) - BDO Rankings
Clements, Jo (England) - BDO Rankings
Cox, Amanda (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Cusick, Sue (England) - BDO Rankings
Czipo, Vivien (Hungary) - BDO Rankings
David, Rachna (Norway) - Finnish Open
Davidson, Emily (Scotland) - BICC 100%
de Graaf, Aileen (Netherlands) - Turkish Open
de Graaf, Aileen (Netherlands) - Turkish Masters
de Graaf, Aileen (Netherlands) - Hungarian Masters
de Graaf, Aileen (Netherlands) - Finder Masters
de Graaf, Aileen (Netherlands) - German Open
de Graaf, Aileen (Netherlands) - German Masters
de Graaf, Aileen (Netherlands) - Denmark Open
de Graaf, Aileen (Netherlands) - BDO Rankings
Densley, Jane (England) - BICC Average
Densley, Jane (England) - BDO Rankings
Dobromyslova, Anastasia (Russian Federation) - Northern Island Open
Dobromyslova, Anastasia (Russian Federation) - Scottish Open
Dobromyslova, Anastasia (Russian Federation) - BICC Average
Dobromyslova, Anastasia (Russian Federation) - BDO International Open
Dobromyslova, Anastasia (Russia) - BDO Rankings
Downs, Renata (Australia) - Victorian Easter Classic
Dyer, Brenda (England) - BDO Rankings
Edwards, Sue (England) - BDO Rankings
Ellis, Stacey (England) - BICC Average
Farrell, Patricia (Canada) - Halifax Open
Farrell, Patricia (Canada) - New Foundland Spring Open
Ferguson, Margaret (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Foulds, Alex (Canada) - Klondike Open
Gallagher, Casey (England) - Antwerp Open
Gallagher, Casey (England) - BDO Rankings
Geeraerts, Kathy (Belgium) - BDO Rankings
Gilmour, Stephanie (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Gobeil, Dianne (Canada) - Quebec Open
Goldsmith, Nikki (Wales) - BDO Rankings
Greaves, Beau (England) - BDO Rankings
Griffiths, Rhian (Wales) - BICC Average
Griffiths, Rhian (Wales) - BDO Rankings
Gullivar, Trina MBE (England) - Lincolnshire Open
Gulliver, Sue (England) - BICC Average
Gulliver MBE, Trina (England) - BICC Average
Gulliver MBE, Trina (England) - BICC 100%
Gulliver MBE, Trina (England) - BDO Rankings
Hammond, Corrine (Australia) - Czech Open
Hammond, Corrine (Australia) - Australian Grand Masters
Hammond, Corrine (Australia) - BDO Rankings
Harper, Wendy (New Zealand) - BDO Rankings
Hedman, Deta (England) - Hungarian Classic
Hedman, Deta (England) - Jersey Classic
Hedman, Deta (England) - Malta Open
Hedman, Deta (England) - Italian Grand Masters
Hedman, Deta (England) - Romanian Classic Open
Hedman, Deta (England) - Dutch Open
Hedman, Deta (England) - Denmark Masters
Hedman, Deta (England) - Welsh Open
Hedman, Deta (England) - Polish Open
Hedman, Deta (England) - BICC Average
Hedman, Deta (England) - Luxembourg Masters
Hedman, Deta (England) - Luxembourg Open
Hedman, Deta (England) - BDO Rankings
Hepburn, Louise (Scotland) - Scottish Classic
Herms, Femke (Netherlands) - BDO Rankings
Hind, Pam (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Hudson, Sandy (United States) - Shoot for the Moon
Hudson, Sandy (United States) - Cherry Bomb International
Hudson, Sandy (USA) - BDO Rankings
Hutchinson, Kirsty (England) - BDO Rankings
Ihasz, Veronika (Hungary) - Austrian Open Vienna
Ihasz, Veronika (Hungary) - BDO Rankings
Irons, Claire (England) - BICC 100%
Ithurralde, Linda (England) - BDO Rankings
Jacklin, Paula (England) - Torremolinos Open
Jacklin, Paula (England) - BICC Average
Jacklin, Paula (England) - BDO Rankings
Jalbert, Melissa (United States) - Pert City Open
Jones, Zoe (England) - BICC Average
Juknaite, Algina (Lithuania) - Iceland Open
Kanovska, Jana (Czech Republic) - BDO Rankings
Kelly, Kim (Australia) - BDO Rankings
Kewish, Tori (Australia) - Australian Masters
Kewish, Tori (Australia) - West Coast Classic
Kewish, Tori (Australia) - Newcastle Classic
Kewish, Tori (Australia) - Geelong Darts Club Classic
Kewish, Tori (Australia) - Sunshine State Classic
Kewish, Tori (Australia) - Pacific Masters
Kewish, Tori (Australia) - BDO Rankings
Kidd, Trish (England) - BICC Average
Kidd, Trish (England) - BICC 100%
Kirton, Samantha (England) - BICC Average
Kirton, Samantha (England) - BICC 100%
Konings, Suzan (Netherlands) - BDO Rankings
Lodge, Heather (Wales) - BDO Rankings
Luke, Joanne (Canada) - Hub City Open
Maidment, Rhonda (Canada) - PEI Potato Open
Marie Potts, Ann (Wales) - BDO Rankings
Mason, Maria (Canada) - Syracuse Open
Mason, Maria (Canada) - Canadian Open
McGinn, Caroline (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Mears, Tara (New Zealand) - Canterbury Open
Mercer, Desi (New Zealand) - Alan King Memorial
Mercer, Desi (New Zealand) - Canterbury Classic
Mercer, Desi (New Zealand) - South Island Masters
Mercer, Desi (New Zealand) - BDO Rankings
Morgan, Mandy (England) - BICC 100%
Mudd, Stephanie (England) - BICC 100%
Murphy, Paula (United States) - Colorado Open
Murphy, Paula (United States) - Witch City Open
Murphy, Paula (United States) - Seacoast Open
Murphy, Paula (United States) - Las Vegus Open
Murphy, Paula (USA) - BDO Rankings
Neylon, Tina (England) - BICC Average
Noijens, Marjolein (Netherlands) - BDO Rankings
O Brien, Maria (England) - BICC Average
o Connor, Kerry (England) - NYDO U21
O'Brien, Maria (England) - BDO Rankings
Osborne, Tina (New Zealand) - Ted Clements Memorial
Osborne, Tina (New Zealand) - Auckland Open
Osborne, Tina (New Zealand) - BDO Rankings
Pace, Stacey (United States) - Cleveland Extravaganza
Pace, Stacey (USA) - BDO Rankings
Paez, Rick (United States) - Cherry Bomb International
Paterson, Josie (England) - BDO 18-25 Qualifier
Paterson, Louise (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Podgorska, Karolina (Poland) - Romanian Internatonal Open
Podgorska, Karolina (Poland) - Police Masters
Podgorska, Karolina (Poland) - BDO Rankings
Polden, April (England) - BICC 100%
Prins, Sharon (Netherlands) - London Ladies Classic
Prins, Sharon (Netherlands) - BDO Rankings
Pruim, Vicky (Sweden) - BDO Rankings
Rainsley, Donna (England) - BICC Average
Rekinen, Kaisu (Finland) - BDO Rankings
Roberts, Sarah (England) - BDO Rankings
Rodney, Michelle (Australia) - Dynamic Darts Uniform Classic
Rosenblom, Deana (Sweden) - BDO Rankings
Shearer, Lynn (Scotland) - BICC 100%
Sheerin, Chrissy (Australia) - BDO Rankings
Sherrock, Fallon (England) - Isle of Man Open
Sherrock, Fallon (England) - Slovak Open
Sherrock, Fallon (England) - Belfry Open
Sherrock, Fallon (England) - Bruges Open
Sherrock, Fallon (England) - Swiss Open
Sherrock, Fallon (England) - World Trophy
Sherrock, Fallon (England) - England National
Sherrock, Fallon (England) - BICC Average
Sherrock, Fallon (England) - Welsh Masters
Sherrock, Fallon (England) - BDO Rankings
Simmons, Shellbie (England) - BDO 18-25 Qualifier
Smith, Mandy (England) - BDO Rankings
Smyth, Barb (Australia) - BDO Rankings
Spicer, Michelle (Canada) - The Main Event
Steed, Jo (New Zealand) - New Zealand Masters
Steenbergen, Priscilla (Netherlands) - BDO Rankings
Sundelin, Helene (Sweden) - Latvian Open
Sundelin, Helene (Sweden) - Lithuanian Open
Sundelin, Helene (Sweden) - BDO Rankings
Sutton, Margaret (England) - BDO Rankings
Suzuki, Mikuru (Japan) - Hong Kong Open
Thompson, Heather (England) - 100% NYDO
Thompson, Julie (England) - BDO Rankings
Topper, Leanne (England) - BDO Rankings
Turner, Laura (England) - BICC Average
Turner, Laura (England) - BDO Rankings
van den Heuvel, Marly (Netherlands) - BDO Rankings
Vinikainen, Kirsi (Finland) - Estonian Masters
Vinikainen, Kirsi (Finland) - Finnish Masters
Watson, Bailey (Canada) - Bob Jones Memorial
Wemyss, Vickie (Scotland) - BICC 100%
West, Cali (United States) - Virginia Beach Classic
West, Cali (United States) - Charlotte Open
Wilder, Linda (Canada) - Great Vancouver Open
Wilson, Leanne (Australia) - Murray Bridge Classic
Wilson, Leanne (Australia) - BDO Rankings
Winstanley, Lorraine (England) - World Masters
Winstanley, Lorraine (England) - London Ladies Open
Winstanley, Lorraine (England) - BICC Average
Winstanley, Lorraine (England) - Swedish Open
Winstanley, Lorraine (England) - BDO Rankings
Wright, Tricia (England) - BDO Rankings
Zijlstra, Anca (Netherlands) - BDO Rankings
Zuidema, Vanessa (Netherlands) - BDO Rankings